(SCHOOLING) (Article 6-3.00)

Upon Hiring

From the date that you are hired you have thirty (30) days to provide documents relating to your scholarity. In order to be optimally evaluated you must provide documentation from high school onwards (including your high school)!

Any/all documents regarding scholarity will be used for the evaluation, these include:

  • Diplomas
  • Degrees
  • Certificates
  • Transcripts
  • Grade reports
  • Any other documents related to schooling

Within three (3) months of submitting the documents the College must issue an official “Attestation of Scholarity”. Remember that your level of scholarity is a major factor in determining your salary, so it is important that the evaluation be correct. If the attestation is higher than the provisional evaluation, the salary will be adjusted retroactively. If the attestation is lower than the provisional attestation, the salary will be adjusted at the date of the attestation without retroactive repayment.

If a teacher is not able to provide a document within 60 days of the college’s request, the college will issue an official attestation based on the documents which are complete, unless the delay cannot be blamed on the teacher. This makes it important to document your efforts to generate the diplomas, certificates and transcripts.

If your Masters degree is in a discipline different than the discipline in which you were hired, provide a written explanation why the Masters is similar to that discipline and useful for that discipline.

A teacher who is not satisfied with the college evaluation has 60 days to make an appeal to the Comité National de Rencontre (CNR). Contact the DTU quickly if you want to make an appeal. However the months of July and August are not included in the deadline.

Additional Studies

If you continue your studies while working for the college, you should advise the Human Resources (HR) within the deadlines in order for your level of schooling to be adjusted accordingly.

Teachers are reclassified twice a year:

  • on September 1st for teachers who complete their studies by August 31 and submit their documents by October 31
  • at the beginning of the 12th pay period, provided the documents are given by March 31. (6-1.05)

However, A new Masters degree can be submitted at any time. The college has 30 days to give its response regarding the impact on pay.

If you do not agree with the evaluation of your schooling or if you have any questions regarding the evaluation of scholarity, contact the DTU as soon as possible.