About The DTU

The Dawson Teachers' Union (DTU) is a non-profit organization representing all the teachers of Dawson College, Montreal. The Union exists to advance and protect the professional and social welfare of its members, to promote research in the field of education, and to protect its members' economic welfare by the securing of Collective Agreements.

How the local union works

The DTU is a democratic organisation.

 The General Assembly of all DTU members is the ultimate decision maker.

This explains why it is so important for union members to attend and participate in General Assemblies.

Remember: Decisions made by General Assemblies represent the will of the teachers who attended (if you don't attend you can't vote!).

All DTU members are entitled to participate in and vote at the General Assemblies--to become a member, send your completed application form with the membership fee of $1 to the DTU office.

Between General Assemblies, and when the DTU Constitution permits it, some important decisions may be made by the Executive Council.

Day-to-day activities are managed by the local DTU executive with the help of Elisabeth Leone, the DTU office Administrative Assistant. One role of the DTU Executive is to present ideas and make recommendations to the General Assemblies and to the Executive Council, who will discuss those ideas and make final decisions.