Union Federation-FNEEQ

The DTU belongs to a union federation called FNEEQ or the Fédération National des Enseignantes et Enseignants du Québec which is translated as the Federation of Quebec Teachers. FNEEQ is part of the union central called the CSN the Confédération des Syndicats Nationaux which translates as the Confederation of National Trade Unions. FNEEQ currently includes 40 cegep teachers’ unions with about 25,000 members, 31 private college unions and unions in a dozen universities including Concordia and McGill. which groups 40 unions of cegep teachers.

As a member of FNEEQ we are affilated with the CSN which gives the DTU the benefit of an organization that can disseminate information and mobilize members of other unions in defence of members’ rights as well as around social issues in education – for example the fight against tuition fees increases. It makes it easier to mobilize support for teachers problems through the Québec population. It is also a way of contributing not just to better conditions for teaching but also to the development of Quebec as a whole.

The main role of the federation is to provide support for unions with respect to collective agreements and arbitration. Within FNEEQ each teaching sector belongs to a separate group which looks after that sectors’ problems. The DTU belongs to the cegep group which meets regularly to discuss cegep union problems and to organize negotiations with the government. The universities and private educational institutions also have their group.

The cegep grouping

The cegep grouping is the main body dealing with cegep questions. It is responsible for organizing negotiations including developing the demands which are then voted on at local unoin general assemblies. Votes are taken by double majority both of union delegates and unions. As a result of our large size the DTU hs three delegates. The smallest unions have one delegate and middle sized union two. All questions about negotiation including demands and pressure tactics must be approved by a majority of union members voting and unions. This ensures that it is the union members in each college who are making the key decisions.

FNEEQ also h as broader bodies which address general issues in education. These are the Federal Council and the Congress and the Federal Bureau

Central Councils: In each region of Quebec, the CSN unions come together in a central council where they can discuss local and regional issues and develop solidarity between unions.

The DTU Executive, and a few teacher volunteers, represent DTU members at FNEEQ meetings.

This confirms that major decisions are not made by union executives, they are made by voting members, at General Assemblies.

Please participate.

NOTE: There is one other union federation representing cegep teachers: FEC-CSQ.