Audit Committee

The Audit Committee shall

consist of at least three (3) members responsible for reviewing the financial records of the D.T.U., including its expenditures and receipts, and recommending the selection of an auditor;

carry out any further duties specified by Union policies;

be responsible to the Executive Council and General Assembly of the D.T.U.

For 2014-2015, the elected Audit Committee members are:

Attach:mark_beauchamp ΔMark Beauchamp
teaches History
(514) 931-8731
mbeauchamp [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca -> mailto:mbeauchamp [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca
Paul Duarte
teaches Physics
(514) 931-8731 local 1754
pduarte [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca -> mailto:pduarte [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca
Attach:sylvain_muise.jpg ΔSylvain Muise
teaches Mathematics
(514) 931-8731 local 1782
smuise [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca -> mailto:smuise [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca