Executive Council

The Executive Council is the decision making body between General Assemblies. It is composed of 22 elected teachers (with no release time) who represent different teaching sectors in the college, union committees or union wide groups.

Women's Committee Coordinator
Non-Permanent Teachers' Committee Coordinator
Social Activites Committee Coordinator
Solidarity Committee
CRT Committee Coordinator
Retirement Committee Coordinator
Continuing Education Representative
Teachers on Availability Representative
Arts Sector Representative
Careers Sector Representative
Science Sector Representative

Mandates last one year. Elections take place in the spring, for the following academic year. The 4 DTU executive members are ex officio members of the Executive Council.

For 2016-2017, your elected DTU Executive Council members are:

Women's Committee Coordinator

Sara Beer
teaches Sociology
(514) 931-8731 local 4017
sbeer [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca -> mailto:sbeer [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca

Non-Permanent Teachers' Committee Coordinator

Manuel Toharia Zapata
teaches Physics
(514) 931-8731 local 1754
mtoharia [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca -> mailto:mtoharia [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca

Social Activities Committee Coordinator

Geoffrey Pearce
teaches Geography
(514) 931-8731 local 4660
gpearce [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca -> mailto:gpearce [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca

Solidarity Committee

Attach:Mark Beauchamp
teaches History
(514) 931-8731 local 4479
mbeauchamp [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca -> mailto:mbeauchamp [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca

Continuing Education Representative

Attach:Ahed Hindawi
teaches Math
(514) 931-8731 local 4140
mhindawi [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca -> mailto:mhindawi [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca

Conseil Central de Montréal

Michael Duckett
teaches History
(514) 931-8731 local 4483
mduckett [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca -> mailto:mduckett [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca

Arts Technologies Representative

Attach:kim_hoang.jpg ΔKim Hoang
teaches Industrial Design
(514) 931-8731 local 4958
khoang [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca -> mailto:khoang [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca

Engineering Technologies Representative

Attach:Luc Lapierre
teaches Analytical Chemistry
(514) 931-8731 local 4878
llapierre [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca -> mailto:llapierre [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca

Medical Technologies Representative

Rebecca Dyck
teaches Nursing
(514) 931-8731 local 4883
rdyck [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca -> mailto:rdyck [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca

Careers Sector - All Disciplines

Patricia Murphy
teaches Social Services
(514) 931-8731 local 4650
pmurphy [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca -> mailto:pmurphy [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca

English Representative

Attach:frank_runcie.jpg ΔFrank Runcie
teaches English
(514) 931-8731 local 4332
fruncie [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca -> mailto:fruncie [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca

French Representative

Attach:Lyane Henrichon
teaches French
(514) 931-8731 local 4354
lhenrichon [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca -> mailto:lhenrichon [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca

Humanities Representative

Attach:Gabriel Tordjman
teaches Humanities
(514) 931-8731 local 4404
gtordjman [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca -> mailto:gtordjman [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca

Physical Education Representative

Attach:Douglas Smyth
teaches Physical Education
(514) 931-8731 local 4758
dsmyth [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca -> mailto:dsmyth [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca

Science - Math Representative

Attach:Yann Lamontagne
teaches Mathematics
(514) 931-8731 local 4137
ylamontagne [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca -> mailto:ylamontagne [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca

Science - Non-Math Representative

Maria Dikeakos
teaches Physics
(514) 931-8731 local 4009
mdikeakos [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca -> mailto:mdikeakos [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca

Social Science

David Olesik
teaches Economics
(514) 931-8731 local 4007
dolesik [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca -> mailto:dolesik [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca

Social Science

Maryann Farkas
teaches History
(514) 931-8731 local 4487
mfarkas [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca -> mailto:mfarkas [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca

The Executive Council meets approximately once a month. More meetings may be required during periods of intense union activities (ex. negotiations).

When you want to share opinions, concerns, or make suggestions, contact one of your Executive Council members or a member of the executive.

  • Click the following for the minutes of the Executive Council: Minutes?