Health And Safety

The DTU acts to ensure healthy and safe working conditions in a number of ways. We are concerned about long term health questions such as air quality and dangerous fumes or chemicals and also short term problems which can cause individual accidents such as slippery floors or spills.

The DTU brings health and safety issues to the college administration through the Dawson parity Health and Safety Committee where all the unions and the administration meet to discuss health and safety issues. The DTU also brings health and safety issues to the CRT when parity committee meetings are not occurring regularly or when we are not satisfied with what is happening in the Health and Safety Committee. One of the members of the executive, usually the internal vice-president, is given the responsibility for Health and Safety. Although we bring problems to the college administration this does not mean that they will always act. In some cases it may require pressure by a significant number of teachers to encourage the college administration to take action.

Fortunately sometimes simple good sense encourages the administration to take action, although it is easier if what we are asking for is simple, cheap and easy to implement.

If a health or safety issue occurs contact the DTU immediately.

What to do if you have an accident and why!

Accident Reports
It is very important to file an accident report if you are injured when on the job. This is even true for what may appear a minor injury. Work accidents are covered by the CSST. The CSST will provide income replacement if you cannot work and pay for medical treatment. If there has been a permanent impairment, the CSST will provide a partial or full income supplement. If you require long term disability payments from your long term disability insurance, the insurance company will deduct from the long term disability payment any compensation and income replacement from the CSST.

What happens if you do not file an accident report
Except for pharmaceutical drugs, your health insurance will not cover any services for treatment of an injury due to a work accident. If you don’t fill out an accident report and therefore do not receive CSST compensation, the insurance company can still deduct the amount of income you would have received if you had applied. This would effectively eliminate your long term disability. Therefore, it is very important to report any accident.

If you are a non permanent teacher and do not have long term disability, it is even more important to fill out the form. If you are injured as a result of a work accident and cannot return to work, but do not have long term disability, you will lose your job after the two year short term disability. Then you could be without any income. If you have reported the accident to the CSST you will be compensated as long as you are accepted as injured by the CSST and you will be guaranteed your job when you are ready to return to work even after the two years of short term disability.

To file an accident report go to Security (2E14), Plant and Facilities (2E21A) or Health Services (2D2) to get a form.