Availability And Office Hours

The collective agreement (Clause 8-3.00) specifies that full-time teachers are available to the college 32.5 hours per week from Monday to Friday (normally 6.5 hours/day). Part-time teachers must be available for a period equivalent to his/her teaching load as a proportion of a full-time load, (specifically their C.I. for the semester ÷ 40 times 32.5 hours). Being available does not mean being at the college; it means that you are available to perform your duties (e.g. participation in a meeting). The collective agreement requires that you be at the college when your duties* require it (e.g. teaching, department meetings, hiring committees) provided these duties fall within your 32.5 hours of weekly availability.

How to set your availability

Set your 32.5 hours of weekly availability at the beginning of the semester (for the duration of the semester)

The availability must include your course time blocks and any time block(s) reserved for department meetings or meetings for which you have release time.

You do not have to submit this availability to anyone; however, we suggest you share it with your department and you should be prepared to produce it if requested by the administration.

Availability must be set between 8:00a.m. & 11:00pm with a minimum of fourteen (14) hours elapsing between the end of an availability period in one day and the beginning of the next availability period.

Any availability period must take place within a ten (10) hour span.

Do I have to be available outside my period of availability?

Teachers have no obligation to be available outside their hours of availability. If the college “orders” your presence outside your availability, contact the DTU office, as the college must pay you in accordance. Note that a chairperson cannot order your presence outside your hours of availability.

How much of my availability must be done on campus?

There is no contractual requirement for a fixed amount of hours present on college premises. You have to be on campus when your duties require it. However, you have an obligation to your students to provide support outside the classroom and to the college to perform the duties described above. This will undoubtedly require a considerable presence on campus. Most teachers choose to hold office hours as a way of meeting their obligation for supporting students outside of class (encadrement), and are thereby also meeting the College’s expectations.

Can I work another job outside my hours of availability?

Teachers are free to work elsewhere outside their weekly availability. However, teachers with a full-time annual load are not encouraged to do so as a full-time teaching load is very demanding. However, anyone working elsewhere during their weekly availability without a special permission is in violation of the contract. There is also a clause against double employment in the contract. A teacher cannot have a full time job outside the college and be assigned courses unless there are difficulties of recruitment. A teacher can however have a part time job without any problem. (5-1.12)


Regular Sector teachers must provide support to their students outside the class when needed (encadrement). However it is up to the teacher to determine the most efficient means for doing so. There is no requirement in the collective agreement that a teacher hold office hours.

The practice has been to hold office hours as a convenient way of meeting the (encadrement) requirement listed in the teaching duties. Certainly, until students have written their last exam, the DTU encourages teachers to be available to their students in order to offer assistance. However, that availability can be provided by telephone, e-mail, office hours or a combination of several means.

Once final grades have been submitted, the course is finished and you no longer have any students to provide (encadrement) to until the start of classes in the following term. There is consequently no reason to keep office hours. You still must be available to deal with any problems relating to the grades.