Teachers who are only teaching in continuing education (see Continuing Education Teachers), this section only look at non-permanent teachers in regular day education.

The duties of all teachers both non-permanent and permanent are outlined in the list below.


Generally speaking, duties shall include (Clause 8-4.01 (a)):

  • Preparation of course outlines
  • Preparation of classes, labs or fieldwork (internships)
  • Teaching of classes, labs and fieldwork
  • Instructional adaptation
  • support and supervision of students
  • Preparation, supervision and correction of examinations
  • Revision of marks in response to student requests
  • Participation in pedagogical days organized by the College
  • Participation in departmental meetings and activities required for running the department

Unless the parties agree otherwise, a professor shall (Clause 8-4.02):

  • Personally compile the marks for each test/examination or project assigned to students
  • Hand in the marks according to the College’s technical instructions
  • Hand in a final mark for each course not later than five (5) working days after the end of each semester included in the school calendar. Note that there is only one deadline to hand in grades whether or not a teacher has final exams.

Other Possible DUTIES TYPE 2

(Clause 8-4.01 (b)): Some teachers may have responsibilities for collective activities

  • Departmental coordination
  • Program co-ordination
  • Special support and supervision activities
  • Participation in program activities
  • Participation in the development, implementation and evaluation of programs

Other Possible DUTIES TYPE 3

(If the teacher agrees to do them) (Clause 8-4.01c):

  • Professional development
  • Retraining
  • Fieldwork or activities in workplaces related to the discipline
  • Research and pedagogical innovation
  • Activities in technology transfer centres
  • Participation in institutional development