(Article 6-2.00)

Upon Hiring

When the college first hires you, you must supply the documents necessary for the evaluation of your previous work experience relevant to teaching or relevant professional experience of a different nature within 30 days . This experience will be used to establish the level you enter in the salary scale. Again a very important determiner for your salary. These documents and attestations could be in the form of:

  • Employment records,
  • Contracts,
  • Letters from employers,
  • Sworn declarations,
  • Contracts for self employment,
  • Documents from art galleries,
  • Estimates of time taken to perform an activity with back up information.

If you do not agree with the evaluation of your experience or if you have any questions regarding the evaluation of experience, contact the DTU as soon as possible

Calculating experience to move up the salary scale with part time teaching

Experience has been translated into Full Time Equivalents (FTE). To get a full years experience and move up a level on the salary scale you need an FTE of 0.5. However, once you have moved up to the next level, you cannot begin another year of experience until you have attained an FTE of 0.75.

Table and explanation
Below we place several tables with explanations to illustrate the calculations used in the movement up the salary scale. As it is complicated you may want to consult a member on the executive about your situation.

How to calculate movement up the salary scale with teaching experience translated into FTEs which is not full time

Experience can be calculated in days/months but it is clearer if this is translated into Full time equivalents (FTEs). The new contract gives both the days and periods of the old contract but also translates this into FTEs. we give the equivalence below:

Level of workDaysHours of class periodsEquivalent in FTEs
Primary & secondary9018 x 22 = 3960.50
 13527 x 22 = 5940.75
Post secondary not cegep9018 x 15 = 2700.50
 13527 x 15 = 4050.75
University part time or hourly9018 x 8 = 1440.50
 13527 x 8 = 2160.75

Cegep teaching experience is also measured in FTEs. Both lead to a similar calculation of the movement up the salary scale. Calculating part time experience is a bit complicated as there are two levels to remember. First, if you are able to generate a .5 FTE this will give you a years experience. However you cannot get begin another years experience before you have a .75 FTE. Once you have achieved a .75 FTE you can begin on the next year of experience. This can perhaps be seen easier in the following table.

YearsExperience 1st day of contractNew experienceFinal experienceExplanation
10 years experience.40 FTE.40 FTE but 0 years experienceLess than .5 FTE
20 years but (+.40 FTE).35 FTE0 years becomes 1 year as (.75 FTE)Greater than .50 FTE & equal .75

In the table above there was no increase in experience until the two years part time experience was greater than .50 FTEs. As the second year there is a .75 FTE, the teacher can move ahead to get another year of experience in the next year as shown in the diagram below.

Years Experience beginning of 3rd & 4th year New experienceFinal experienceExplanation
31 year experience and already achieved .75 FTE so can calculate a new year of experience.50 FTE1 year becomes 2 year as (.50 FTE)Equal to .5 FTE but less than .75
42 years but (-.25 FTE).55 FTE2 years stays 2 year as (.55-.25 =.35 FTE)Needs 0.25 to get to .75 before can count to get to.50 FTEs

In this table the teacher increases experience to 2 years because of a .50 load. However the next year even though he has a greater than .50 FTE load he does not get a year of experience as before you can move to the next year of experience you have to arrive at 0.75 FTE. So the teacher has a deficit of .25 which has to be subtracted from the .55 FTE earned that year. This leaves the teacher with less than .50 FTE so there is no increase in experience. No teacher can earn in a year more than one year of experience. This means that if you work full time you get a years experience. However you would carry to the next year any surplus you had from previous years. That would help you out if you returned to part time work. However if you continued to work full time the extra you had would never get used. This can be seen in the table below.

This is a new table not a continuation of the above tables

YearsExperience beginning of 1st & 2nd yearNew experienceFinal experienceExplanation
10 years experience but plus .25 FTE1 FTE0 years becomes 1 year as 1 FTEFull time = year of experience
21 years but (.25 FTE).25 FTE1 years becomes 2 years as (.25+.25 =.50 FTE)One year of experience as = .50. Needs 0.25 to get to .75 to get to .50 FTEs