Free Courses At Dawson College


All Dawson College teachers covered by our Collective Agreement may attend Dawson courses, both credit and non credit courses, free of charge.

The DTU has suggested to the college administration that continuing education teachers should also have access to free courses. The college administration has not yet agreed

Which courses?

Teachers are entitled to take any Dawson course. This includes courses from day programs and Continuing Education.

Are there any conditions?

Technically the only condition that must be met in order for a teacher to take a course is that there be a place available. However, the Dawson administration believes it has the right to bill teachers who do not successfully complete a course taken at Dawson.

The DTU does not agree with this as the collective agreement (Clause 7-1.04) stipulates that courses offered in the college must be free to teachers, without limitations.

Despite this disagreement, we recommend that you contact Administrative Services if you must drop-out of a course. For non-credit courses “completing” a course means meeting the attendance requirements (currently this means attending 80% of the course hours).

How to Register

Information regarding courses and registration is available at the Continuing Education Office (2.H.1) or the Non-Credit Courses Office (2.G.1)

Can my Scholarity Improve?

Not with the Dawson free courses. Any, additional schooling must be considered specialisation. Schooling at the CEGEP level does not meet this requirement.