General Offer Of Service-GOS

The G.O.S. - Applying your hiring priority to all workloads

The DTU and the College have an agreement in which non-permanent teachers can apply for all job postings by submitting one form, called the General Offer of Service (G.O.S.).

  • Teachers must submit a G.O.S. every year during the month of April until they become permanent.
  • By submitting a G.O.S. a non-permanent teacher is considered to have officially applied to all job postings, in the discipline(s) in which they have priority,for workloads in the upcoming academic year. The upcoming academic year begins with the Fall Semester, and also includes the next Winter and Summer Semesters.
  • This means that the G.O.S submitted in April comes into effect in the Fall Semester, the Summer Semester immediately following G.O.S. submission is covered by the previous April's G.O.S.
  • A G.O.S. applies to all possible workloads for which a teacher has priority in all sectors: Regular, Continuing Education and A.E.C.
  • A teacher who forgets to submit a G.O.S. does not lose teaching priority. However, the teacher must apply to all individual postings in his/her discipline(s) in order to be offered the workloads for which he/she has hiring priority.
  • A teacher is not required to accept all workloads for which he/she has hiring priority. However, if a teacher refuses a workload their G.O.S. is no longer in effect for that term and the teacher has to apply to individual job postings.
  • The DTU recommends that all non-permanent teachers from the Regular Sector, Continuing Education and A.E.C.s submit their General Offer of Services form (G.O.S.)

SUBMITTING THE G.O.S - Instructions

All non-permanent teachers from all sectors: Regular, Continuing Education and A.E.C. must submit their G.O.S. in April of every year.

  • Print a copy of the a General Offer of Service - G.O.S.
  • Submit a copy of your completed G.O.S. form to Human Resources (room 4B.7) between April 1st and April 30th.
  • Ask that your G.O.S. form be date-stamped by Human Resources and request two copies, one for your personal records and the other for your DTU personnel file.
  • The DTU requests that teachers drop off a copy of their submitted and date-stamped G.O.S. to the DTU Office (room 8A.11). This ensures that an independent record is kept of a teacher's G.O.S. submision.

In their first year of hire, new teachers have to submit a G.O.S. twice within the same year, once within 30 days of hire, in order to apply for the current year's job postings AND once in the month of April following their hiring in order to apply to the next year's job postings. For more information refer to Information for New Teachers