A leave allows you to you keep your employment link without a requirement for availability to the College. This means that when you return from the leave you reintegrate your teaching job.

A teacher planning an unpaid leave for one term should look very closely at the Voluntary Work Reduction Leave. This is also true of a teacher approaching retirement who wants to reduce the workload but is not eligible or does not want to apply for gradual retirement.

Below is a description of the eligibility for each of the leaves.

Available to all regular teachers:

  • Paid and unpaid Professional Development leaves, both full-time and part-time are available to all regular day teachers. Unfortunately, we have never heard of a paid professional development leave being given by the college.
  • The paid leave for a Masters degree is also available for all regular teachers.

Available to full time teachers with 3 years seniority or 2 years full time:

  • Full time or half time personal leaves.

Available to full time teachers with 3 years seniority:

Available to permanent teachers:

  • Sabbatical leave

Consult the leave table to learn more about leaves.

To apply for all leaves, except the voluntary workload reduction leave fill out a request for leave of absence form.