Priorities For Work

Hiring priority is what gives you the right to be considered for work.

Priority for Work in Continuing Education

The order of priority for Conted work is the following:

  1. Permanent teachers on availability (MED).
  2. Non permanent teachers in their discipline for up to 3 years after the end of their last contract.

If there is a tie the job goes to the teacher with the highest seniority. If there is still a tie, first experience and then scholarity break the tie. If two teachers have no seniority, the teacher who was first hired is chosen. If the hiring dates are the same, the teacher with the first recommendation from the selection committee is chosen and if these are the same by the order of ranking created by the selection committee. Conted teachers are non permanent teachers and therefore have equal priority with day teachers depending on seniority, experience and scholarity. All non permanent teachers have priority over anyone not yet working at Dawson. However for pedagogical difficulties (i.e. no existing non permanent can teach a particular course) the college can hire without following the priority.

Priority for Summer Courses (5-4.17e)

The priority for summer courses is different to priority in continuing education because teachers with priority in regular day education have priority over those who have only taught in continuing education. If priorities are equal, the college hires the teacher with the most seniority. If seniority is equal, by the most experience, if experience is equal by the most scholarity. If the teachers have no seniority, then the date of hiring, then the date of selection, and then the order established by the selection committee determines who is chosen.

Priority for Regular Daytime Teaching

Priority for a post: Conted teachers have priority #7 for a post in regular teaching as soon as they begin working at Dawson (5-4.17A). In a time of renewal when there are lots of teachers retiring this can be important. However, as seniority is earned slower in Conted, teachers who have work in the day can usually move ahead of teachers in continuing education. Nevertheless, Conted teachers have priority for a post ahead of anyone who has not yet taught at Dawson. However, it is necessary to apply hence to fill out the GOS or an individual application for a posting.

Priority for a charge: Conted teachers with three years seniority have priority #3 for a charge (teaching work) in the day (5-4.17B). To get a year’s seniority in Conted requires 450 hours of teaching. So access to priority 3 takes a while. However once a continuing education teacher has 3 years seniority they have priority in the day and move ahead of any teacher with less than their seniority. (For this to take effect the teacher must have been hired by a regular day hiring committee. However, this is not a problem at Dawson, as for years all teachers in continuing education have been hired by a regular day hiring committee.) If a teacher in continuing education has less than 3 years seniority, the selection committee must consider the teacher before they hire outside existing employees. However, it is necessary to apply hence to fill out the GOS or an individual application for a posting. We suggest that you take any regular day work that is offered, for example replacing a regular day teacher who has been sick. If you replace a regular teacher for more than 15 days, you gain daytime priority for a charge without needing the three years seniority. That would move you up to priority 6.