Professional Development Fund

The Faculty Professional Development Fund Committee is a parity committee composed of three teacher members and three representatives of the college. The faculty members are Vice-President Internal, and DTU members of the PDF Committee. The college representatives are Barbara Freedman, Leanne Bennett and Azra Khan.

The committee grants funds to individual teachers and to departments (which organize) workshops or training sessions. The committee continues to review PDF policies to maintain a coherent professional development strategy for Dawson faculty. It identifies pedagogical training, technology updating, and language training as major priorities that should be given special support through the in-house fund.

What Activities Might Qualify for Funding?

Funds are available to both permanent and non permanent teachers for professional development. Some possible professional development activities are:

  • Attending conferences
  • Participating in workshops
  • Pedagogical training
  • Taking classes in the Performa Master’s in Education program
  • Language training
  • Updating technological skills
  • Self directed activities such as fieldwork, research, exhibits etc.

Who Qualifies for Funding?

All teachers covered by the collective agreement qualify for funding (including Hourly-paid teachers). However part-time and hourly-paid teachers are allotted funds prorated to their workload.

How much funding is available?

Non-permanent regular sector teachers are currently eligible for up to about $600/year prorated to their workload by units of CI. A full-time workload in the regular sector is considered to be 80 CI units. Teachers can combine funds from two years to cover their expenses.

Hourly-paid teachers have access to about $600/year prorated to their workload by # hours taught/year. A full-time workload for an hourly-paid teacher is considered to be 450 hours.

Where does the money come from?

Our collective agreement stipulates that every year the college receive from the government 195$ per full-time teacher. This money must be used for professional development activities of teachers.

How can I apply?

The committee’s secretary, Elisabeth Leone (room 8A.11, local 1799, pdfsecretaryn [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca -> mailto:pdfsecretaryn [@AT@] dawsoncollege [.DOT.] qc [.DOT.] ca), handles all documents and inquiries.