Sick Days



Every year, on September 1, full-time regular sector teachers are credited with 7 sick leave days usable during the current academic year. If you are a part-time teacher, the number of sick-leave days is proportional to your teaching load. Days unused are not carried over except as described below, and cannot be converted into cash.

On your very first contract with Dawson, you get an extra 6 sick leave days, usable any time during your career at Dawson. Unlike the yearly 7 sick leave days allocation, the unused days from this “special” 6 days bank are carried over from year to year. These 6 sick-leave days are granted only once, that is on your first contract.

A teacher with 13 days or less in his/her bank adds the unused sick days to the bank. Therefore the maximum sick days in the bank is 20. The teacher will still receive 7 sick days per year. However none of the unused sick days will be added to the bank until the number of unused sick days falls to 13 or less.


You must notify the College (Sector Dean’s Office or Department Chair) as soon as possible, and identify exactly what classes have to be cancelled. All Deans have answering machines on a number dedicated to absences so you can call anytime. As early as possible is best. Your absence will be posted on the Cancelled Classes board, the college website and on the monitors. On returning to work, you need to fill out a Certificate of Absence as promptly as possible. The forms are available from Human Resources(4B.7) as well as from your Sector Dean and are also on the Dawson website in the faculty section.

The college can request you to provide a medical certificate any time you are off sick. However it usually does not do so before 5 days. If the college requests a medical certificate from a teacher absent for less than 4 days, the college must pay for any costs. The college policy is to replace a teacher in the classroom only on the second day of absence.

If you feel that your medical problem is due to working conditions you should contact the DTU as soon as possible to examine the possibility of filing a claim to the CSST


The first 5 days of consecutive absence are paid at 100% of your salary, provided you have enough sick leave days available to you. If you have no sick leave days remaining to you then you are simply not paid. However, after 5 working days of illness, you are placed on short-term disability insurance, and subsequent sick days are paid at 85% of your normal salary for the first year and at 66 2/3% for the second year.

After this you would fall on long term disability insurance which is optional for non permanent teachers but compulsory for permanent teachers (short term and long term disability do not use your bank of sick leave days. They remain available for another illness.).


Hourly-paid teachers have any sick days or disability leaves. If they are absent due to illness they do not get paid.