Dental Insurance

The Dawson specific dental plan 2054B

The Dawson dental insurance plan 2054B is Dawson specific and optional for teachers and managers. Support Staff and Professionals are covered by the CSQ plan through the SSQ. However, conditions for managers are different than those of teachers. On June 6, 2013 there were 36 single members and 19 family members. This has dropped significantly as some of the teachers shifted to the FNEEQ plan.

The plan 2054A provides very complete dental protection. It covers 100% of preventive work and basic restoration, 80% of major restoration including root canals and 60% of complex restoration including crowns. The maximum coverage is $2,000 per year per insured person for the total of dental services covered.

However 2054A is not cheap. The cost per year as of January 1, 2013 is $803.66 for a single person and $1,924.78 for a family. On January 1, 2014 an increase of 10% is predicted. There is an annual deductible of $25. In 2012-13 the average claim per insurance policy was $954. The latest booklet describing the dental plan can be found here. A claim form can be found in English et en Franšais

FNEEQ Modular Dental Insurance

FNEEQ started a modular dental insurance plan on January 1, 2013. There are two options 1 and 2. Option 2 is more generous but costs more. Only those who have signed up for module C in health insurance have access to option 2 in dental insurance. Those who have either A, B or C in health care have access to option 1.

Access to insurance There is no requirement for proof of insurability i.e. for healthy teeth. Instead a teacher who opts for the protection must agree to keep the protection for the following three years. Every year there is an adoption period from November 1st to 30th with insurance taking effect on January 1 of the following year. However, newly hired teacher or a teacher who experiences a major life change can have access to the coverage as of the date of the event if the teacher applies for the coverage within 30 days from the time of the first contract or the life event.

A life event is defined as any of the following: if a teacher establishes a relationship the 30 days for a relationship begins the day of marriage or the legal civil union, or the day after a year of cohabitation or the first day of cohabitation if there was a previous relationship of cohabitation of over a year, or if the teacher has a baby or adopts the 30 days begins the day of the birth or adoption.

Changing dental insurance From November 1 to 30 each year it is possible to move from option 1 dental care to option 2 provided that you have level C health care. However, you can only move from Option 2 to option 1 if you have completed 36 months with Option 2 coverage. In both cases the new coverage will begin on January 1 of the next year. If you lower your health care from C to either B or A, your dental care will fall to level one at the end of the 36 month period of coverage from the date you entered the plan at the Option 2 level. You will have to make the request for the change in the November 1st to 30th period. The new reduced coverage would begin on January 1st of the new year.

A non permanent teacher who gets a new contract within 12 months of the date he had insurance must continue the required period (36 months) of insurance which the teacher had begun.

For more detailed information examine the insurance booklet on the DTU website.