Short-Term Disability Insurance

The following information is for REGULAR SECTOR TEACHERS

The short-term disability insurance is a benefit under the collective agreement, (see section 5-5.17) Its goal is to cover teachers when an illness, accident or miscarriage prevents them from teaching or performing a similar job with a comparable salary or where medical care is needed.

Short-term disability insurance begins after 5 consecutive days of illness. Those five days prior to being insured will be covered by a teacher's 'sick-bank' days if applicable.

For the first year of illness, the payment is 85% of a teacher's normal salary. For the second year of illness, the payment is 66.66% of a teacher's salary.

Take note: Non-permanent teachers can apply to be covered by Long-term Disability Insurance during their first three contracts without proof of insurability (i.e. without a medical examination) After that, teachers must prove their insurability.

Speak to your DTU reps if you have any further questions or concerns.