Travel Insurance

Teachers that are covered by La Capitale’s health insurance (all the three options A and B and C) have travel insurance and trip cancellation insurance to a maximum of $2 million over your lifetime as long as you are covered by provincial medical insurance (i.e. 182 days outside of Québec, absences of 21 days or less are not included in the calculation of 182 days, see RAMQ: Leaving Québec Temporarily). This means that you do not have to purchase medical insurance or trip cancellation insurance when you buy a plane ticket or leave the country by car or travel within Canada. The information in detail can be found on pages 21- to 33 of your brochure on insurance in English and au pages 23 au 35 en Français.

It is well worth reading before you travel.

The coverage is fairly extensive. Just some examples: Besides the basics of hospitalization, access to doctors and prescription drugs during emergencies, it includes TV & parking costs in hospitals, phone calls, provides a telephone interpreters line, repatriation of the teacher, immediate family & travelling companion by public transportation, provides information needed if passports or credit cards are lost and in the US the names of lawyers for travel accidents & civil actions. There are restrictions. It does not cover things like accidents from bungee jumping, gliding and parachuting. Again it is wise to read what is covered. Cancellation insurance includes reimbursement of up to $5,000 per person insured for default by a travel supplier including a travel agent.

Phone numbers to dial when travelling appear on the back of your La Capitale medical insurance card (CAPS card).

Types of trips covered are the following:

Tourism or recreation
Humanitarian aid or cooperative work that is supervised by a registered charity
A commercial activity or an occasional business trip. A business trip is considered to be occasional when carried out on an exceptional and not on a regular basis.

For the purposes of Trip Cancellation Insurance, the insured person's trip must include a stay of at least one (1) night at the trip destination, either in or outside the insured person's province of residence.

An existing illness or condition Anyone covered by travel insurance who has a known illness or condition must ensure before departure that his or her health condition is stable and under control, that he or she can carry out usual daily activities and that he or she is experiencing no symptoms that may reasonably suggest that any complications may arise or that medical care may be required during the planned stay outside the province of residence.

An illness or condition is considered to be stable in the absence of any: deterioration; relapse; diagnosis of terminal phase; chronicity likely to lead to deterioration or complications during the planned trip outside the province of residence. This means it would be a good idea for those with such a condition to have their doctor examine them before a trip to ensure there is no dispute about this if an existing condition becomes worse and needs medical treatment. This has changed from the previous clause which created a doubt if you had visited a doctor within 90 days of the trip. This clause no longer has any effect.

An insured person with a known illness or condition who is unsure about his or her health condition or who is awaiting diagnosis may be excluded from coverage. He or she must contact the travel assistance company designated by La Capitale at least 15 days before departure to obtain confirmation of insurance coverage under this benefit. The number is on the back of your insurance card.